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Try moonlighting from home if you’re really not up for a whole life/career change, but you’d still like to supplement your income. Here are some ways in that you can make extra money from home in your spare time (Job by City)

freelancer jobs

In India, there are millions of freelancers and this number is growing constantly, making it an enticing avenue for many professionals.

There is undoubtedly a strong demand for freelance skills, with so many self-employed workers living in a gig economy, and a growing number of freelance labor companies.

There are pros and cons of being your own boss, of course. For starters, to manage several tasks concurrently, a high degree of structure and organization (both financial and operational) is needed, and there is no ambiguity of knowing where your next payment is coming from.

Yet this unique career choice may also be fulfilling and offers a high level of autonomy and versatility.

for example – front-end developers convert code into visual interfaces, while back-end developers concentrate on databases, scripting, and architecture building.

You’ll want to be fluent in the most in-demand coding languages, including Python, Ruby, Java, Swift, and more, to succeed as a freelance developer.

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